Memory Moments: June

“We do not remember days; we remember moments.” Cesare Pavese

With June has come the green. The trees are in full dress.


Walks on our doorstep …


are mellow and enticing …


…and enhanced by curious cows.


Grassy verges are lush and abundant …


… and industrious workers are kept busy.


The garden is fragrant with blooms.



And under the tree is the perfect spot …


… for sitting and loving …


… and sitting and reading.

We had more visitors on the balcony …


… we had views and vistas …


… and we had the sea.



There were beaches for small boys to play on …

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… and for quiet contemplation.


June was a month for:


wild flowers,


garden flowers,

and exotic flowers.

And for …


Singing in the Rain.


The View from Here: rose-coloured June

… an English summer’s day is such a joy, how can we not yearn for many of them?

How do I remember June? She certainly gave us a performance of two halves.

Her early exploits were dry and warm, with blazing days of open skies, freshness and bright sunshine.  Summer was splashed all over June’s opening scenes. Continue reading “The View from Here: rose-coloured June”

The View from Here: chaos in the lanes

I breathed silent a prayer of thanks… For of course, that lady could so easily have been me

“The roads are empty around here.  I’ve lost my fear of meeting a car on these narrow lanes because it so rarely happens.”  Oh, famous last words… Continue reading “The View from Here: chaos in the lanes”

Singing in the Rain at the Eden Project

Once I’d stopped to think about a rainforest I recalled that under the canopy there is little light and relatively little colour. There was a lot of green

It was raining and distinctly cool.  The paths would be wet and slippery; the views veiled by mist.  Walking was off the agenda.  We opted instead for a local attraction which offered at least some shelter and some more attractive temperatures: we had a day at the Eden Project. Continue reading “Singing in the Rain at the Eden Project”

The View from Here: conquering the cliffs

Everywhere we looked offered a view and the vistas crackled with energy

If the first half of our walk can be defined as steeped in history, the second half can be defined as awash with nature.  Both halves gave us views: the first of woodlands and settlements; the second of coastal grandeur.  There’s no need to make comparisons: they combined to give us a wonderful day.  A good walk with a dear friend, at a leisurely pace through magical scenery.  What could be better! Continue reading “The View from Here: conquering the cliffs”

Half of the Hall Walk

I wonder what thoughts were passing through her mind: what hopes, dreams and expectations. She probably didn’t huff and puff as much as I did

Karina arrived last night.  A whirlwind of enthusiasm and energy, ours is a friendship of opposites.  We met when she enrolled her son at the school where I taught; and in time she became a member of staff herself. When the school closed our friendship continued to blossom.  I like and admire her for her forthrightness, her spirited independence and her passion.  Where I am reticent in revealing my feelings, Karina wears her heart on her sleeve and can be no other way.  It was a joy to welcome her to Highfield. Continue reading “Half of the Hall Walk”