A Man on a Bicycle and Cornish Chocolate

I felt that my man on a bicycle deserved some seriously good chocolate

The rain continues unabated and my patience has begun to wear thin.  Perhaps I can cite that as my excuse for being somewhat impatient when I set off on the 3-mile trip to Pelynt one morning. All of the journey is along single-track roads, which is not a big problem as there is very little traffic.  But on this occasion I met a bicycle.  Continue reading “A Man on a Bicycle and Cornish Chocolate”

The Classics Club

Just thinking about books is exciting

After at least a fortnight, today we have rain.  Soft, gentle, Cornish rain which had obviously been with us for some hours before I smelt it through the open window.  Isn’t the smell of rain wonderful?  And the senses detect things differently.  Sounds seem muted, yet colours are the opposite: many of the wild flowers seem at their brightest in the sullen light that accompanies rain. Continue reading “The Classics Club”

Birds on the Balcony: Hitchcock vs Daphne

Regardless … will somebody please make a Cornish version?

One day this week there was an unusual degree of noise from the crows.  Investigation with the binoculars revealed a tractor working in a field on the skyline across the valley, and behind it, crows clamoured in large numbers.  Continue reading “Birds on the Balcony: Hitchcock vs Daphne”

The view from Here: under the tree on a sunny afternoon

For a while a single buzzard owned the space between the earth below and the heavens above, framed by the branches over my head which arched so I felt like I was watching this scene from a silent, vaulted cathedral

I have a picture in our bedroom: Roses by Peder Kroyer, painted in 1893.  It’s of a woman wearing a long white dress and she is reading – sitting in a garden chair in the sunshine with a large floriferous white rose in the foreground.  Continue reading “The view from Here: under the tree on a sunny afternoon”