June in the Garden: an evening stroll

Now I could absorb … the faded glory of the earliest blooms – already past their prime and thus already in that wonderful blowsy, bleached state of unkempt, vintage splendour: their last hurrah

We have roses: baby pink, deep yellow, fiery red.  And a lilac: I’d not even realised we had a lilac until I saw its lanky, lazy purple-tipped blooms.  A clematis; huge, pink rhododendrons …  A week of dry, warm weather and the garden is showing us its summer garb.  Continue reading “June in the Garden: an evening stroll”

Boys on the Beach: Millendreath

I might even be prevailed upon to paddle next time

Before I stopped working, I worked with several people who knew this part of Cornwall well.  They have been a real help in offering advice and giving us the lowdown on places to see, shops to visit.  And on this occasion, in suggesting beaches for children.  Continue reading “Boys on the Beach: Millendreath”