My Third Classics Club Spin

2nd March

On March 1st the latest Classics Club spin was announced.  This will be spin number 17 for the club and my third.  It’s a year since I last participated – in part because it took me almost all that time (with gaps) to read my last spin choice, which was J. B. Priestley’s The Good Companions.  That book finally finished (though not yet reviewed – no great surprise there), I’m ready for the next spin.  Details of how it works can be found here. Continue reading “My Third Classics Club Spin”

The View from Here: thoughts…

… in the space between International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday

pink-bow-ribbon-clipart-1For a week or so, I have been considering drafting a Mother’s Day post. It would have been one of my rambles, perhaps on my role as a mother and as a daughter.  But today (I am writing on Thursday March 8th) leaves me wanting to pare down my usual florid style and take a different tack.  In the end, I don’t know that I’ve done a lot of paring.  But what I want to say matters to me.  It stands as it is. Continue reading “The View from Here: thoughts…”

The View from Here: it doesn’t snow in Cornwall

The view from here was obliterated by a maelstrom of angry swirling snowflakes blurred into a blinding curtain.  It fell across the garden and the trees in the valley and very quickly the horizon was gone.

For a couple of weeks I had been musing on a nature/weather-related post based around the vagaries of the British weather.  We Brits do love to talk about our weather! Continue reading “The View from Here: it doesn’t snow in Cornwall”

Six Degrees of Separation: from The Beauty Myth to …

Six Degrees of Separation is hosted by Kate at books are my favourite and best.  Every month Kate chooses a book as a starting point for a chain of six books, each one linked in some way to the book before.  This will be my third chain and I’ve found it the most difficult so far – but only because there seemed to be so many possibilities to choose between, especially to get off the starting block.  Perhaps, given the current focus on our weather here in the UK, it’s no surprise that wintry words find their way into my chain. Continue reading “Six Degrees of Separation: from The Beauty Myth to …”