The View from Here: colours of July

… from the lanes


Thus far July has been glorious.  I want to capture these fleeting days, these colours of July.  As the month opened, I walked for a while, not far from home.  Sometimes, pictures are all that’s needed.

Up the hill under cerulean skies…

1 summer lanes 1

1 summer lanes

… along lanes where farm gates open onto panoramas in green and gold.

2 fields 1


3 fields

3 fields cutMostly, the lanes meander between banks and hedges sprawling and chaotic.

The banks and hedges are above head height.  They will be cut soon.

But look up …

3.1 grasses 2

4 flowers and sky 1

4 flowers and sky

… and look down. 


There’s plenty to notice alongside the spreading bramble flowers

5 flowers - white brambles

… and the delicate dog roses

5 flowers - dog rose

including this glorious dragonfly.

6 dragonfly

7 sun sky & clouds

41 thoughts on “The View from Here: colours of July”

    1. It is beautiful, Rose, and you’re right: I think rural England in general is delicate against how I imagine rural Australia. Our colours are often muted and mostly green and damp!. Hence when the sun shines for a prolonged period, it’s time to celebrate!

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  1. Your lanes are very much like ‘my’ lanes, though you appear to have more trees in your landscape. July has certainly made up for the less auspicious June. Let’s hope it continues into the school holidays!

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    1. Yes, it’s a gentler landscape here, Jude, compared with the far west. I daren’t think about the school holidays and weather – feels like tempting fate! Fingers crossed!

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    1. Thank you, Stargazer 🙂 With this spell of sunshine has come the battle with the weeds, much watering, and battling to make time for watching Wimbledon! 😉 It’s been lovely!

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