April round-up: what we did, where we went

A bloggy thing – but one day I’ll be thankful to have this to look back on

Where we went:  Lansallos, Lerryn, Lanreath, Pelynt.  Not all of which have found their way into this month’s posts, but they’ll turn up eventually Continue reading “April round-up: what we did, where we went”

April in the Garden: making a start

I’m a fair-weather gardener and we’ve not had a lot of fair weather this month

Time and weather have been stacked against me this month.  There’s so much to do in general, plus I’m a fair-weather gardener and we’ve not had a lot of fair weather this month.  Also of course, they do say (whoever ‘they’ might be) that it’s best to live with a garden for a full year before making any changes.  Not sure how well I’ll manage to follow that advice… Continue reading “April in the Garden: making a start”

The View from Here: April’s last Hurrah

And so April gave me what must surely be her last hurrah: a pin-sharp, vibrant morning to remember

As I climbed up the stairs not long after dawn this morning I knew from the quality of the light it would be bright and frosty.  And it was – in spades!  It was a stupendous morning! Continue reading “The View from Here: April’s last Hurrah”

The View from Here: capricious April

… one thing remains constant: the weather may be mercurial but the view from here is always entrancing

As I sat here, early this morning, it hailed.  Great chunks of ice clattering down. But at least we haven’t had snow, like many parts of the country.  Although snow would have been nice now I think about it… Continue reading “The View from Here: capricious April”

Birds on the Balcony: front row seats

What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?

There’s been plenty of domestic bird activity for me to watch lately.  Spring-time is a busy period in the avian calendar.

As April reached the three-quarter point I was charmed by a pair of house sparrows, Continue reading “Birds on the Balcony: front row seats”