Shorter Challenges

It was perhaps inevitable that I would be unable to resist some of the enticing shorter challenges on offer in the book-blogging world.  As we embark on September (2016) I am embarking on two such challenges.

Heavenali’s Woolfalong  This challenge has been running all year so it can scarcely be called a short challenge.  But coming late to the party, as I am, means it can only a few months for me.  Phase 5, through September and October, is non-fiction, which works perfectly.  I plan to read:

A Room of One’s Own

A Writer’s Diary

Both of course, written by Virginia herself.



R.I.P. XI  This challenge also runs from September through October – and this is its eleventh year, so again, I’m a late starter.  I plan to read a short story or two and a couple of novellas so I’m not sure quite which peril I’ll be overcoming, but here’s what I plan to read:

The Birds and Other Short Stories by Daphne du Maurier

Lady Into Fox by David Garnett

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad


I can’t resist a Christmas Challenge!  I’ve signed up for the Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge hosted at Christmas Spirit.  Here’s what I’m hoping to read:

  1. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  2. A Christmas Tree by Charles Dickens
  3. A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas 
  4. Christmas Holiday by W Somerset Maugham
  5. Winter Holiday by Arthur Ransome
  6. Happy Christmas by Daphne du Maurier
  7. A Snow Garden and other Stories by Rachel Joyce
  8. Mistletoe and Murder by Robin Stevens 
  9. Storms in a Tea-cup (from Cornish Silhouettes) by C C Rogers (later to become Lady Vyvyan) 


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