Six Degrees of Separation: from No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency to England, Their England

Six Degrees of Separation is hosted by Kate at Books Are My Favourite and Best. Every month she provides the title of a book as a starting point and the idea is to link it to six other books to form a chain. A book doesn’t have to be connected to all of the others on the list – only to the one next to it in the chain.  I’ve often enjoyed reading the chains created by others, and it’s fascinating how different they all are.  I’ve thought about joining in several times.  I’m a little late in the month, but I’m going to dive in anyway. Continue reading “Six Degrees of Separation: from No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency to England, Their England”


The View From Here: reaching back

For me there was an atavistic connection: strong and raw.  Unsophisticated, preliterate.

There was a darkness so thick it felt like a warm bath, yet the air was crackling sharp with cold.  And the pin-bright sliver of moon hung over the water between the cliffs.  A scimitar shining; sprinkling magic. Continue reading “The View From Here: reaching back”

The View from Here: Cranking Up…

Fewer words, fewer photos;  keep it simple

Well, here we are with January in full flow; the new year bedding in and a Corner of Cornwall still languishing – lonely and unloved.  It’s been on my mind a lot, my blog.  Or rather my lack of blog.  I’m not one for New Year Resolutions anymore, but I do feel that I need to make an effort here and get into some kind of rhythm.  Either that or retire gracefully – at least for a while.  So the time has come to test the waters once more and see if I can re-establish the blogging habit.  It’s not that I have nothing to write about; I just seemed to have lost momentum.  I suspect there will be an eclectic timeline: there are things I’d like held here from the past few months so I’ll be jumping about a bit.  And couple of changes, I think: fewer words, fewer photos.  Keep it simple.  And we’ll see what happens.

fireworks at Looe

Happy New Year everyone!

The view from here: a Tuesday in October

In a world of bustle and change there is always stillness

WP_20160709_013Outside, it has been a mild day: mild but moist.  The air scarcely breathes: a stark contrast to yesterday’s winds.  But whilst yesterday was wild and spirited, today seems damp and tired.  Listless.

As I approached the post box at the top of the hill this morning, I met Peter, our farming neighbour, and his son, Edward.  There was clear evidence on the road of their most recent task: the cows had been brought in.  Were they coming in for the winter?

Out of sight a cow bellowed mournfully.  If she has begun her winter incarceration, it will be many months before she and her sisters are once again on the valley slopes.  The view from here will have emptied.  Our view is never quite in harmony when the cows have gone.   Continue reading “The view from here: a Tuesday in October”

An A – Z of those I don’t

Part 1: A to C

The choice is limited for my parallel series of posts: An A – Z of those I own.  I really don’t have that many books sitting unread on the shelves so there’s not that many to choose between for each letter.  The choice for An A – Z of those I don’t own but would like to read is a little more daunting.  There is a such a thing as too much choice.  But here we go… Continue reading “An A – Z of those I don’t”

The View from Here: when life doesn’t quite go as planned

After all, I only get one crack at this next decade!

I’ve been in a dilemma.  I want to write a birthday blog yet why would anyone want to read it?  I remind myself that essentially one blogs for oneself.  But the purpose of publishing is that others should read what is published, and if there is an audience, then surely the audience deserves consideration.  And really – can I expect anyone to want to read about my birthday?  So with the subject matter made clear, feel free to move along if birthdays aren’t your thing.  Continue reading “The View from Here: when life doesn’t quite go as planned”