The Lost Gardens of Heligan: an afternoon of history, tranquility and delight

Everywhere there are signs of productivity, passion, history and love

Yesterday Bernie & I visited the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  I have wanted to go there for years – since well before the notion of moving here came into being.  I’ve come close once or twice and it’s never quite happened.  Finally, we’ve managed it – on a balmy afternoon in mid-September when everything colluded to give me an experience to treasure. Continue reading “The Lost Gardens of Heligan: an afternoon of history, tranquility and delight”

Books, lists and challenges – 3 of my favourite things

I told myself that I would not get embroiled in the many enticing challenges that I see everywhere in the book-blogging world.  Just the initial one, I told myself, just the Classics Club.  Plus the few personal ones that I’d set for myself anyway.  Continue reading “Books, lists and challenges – 3 of my favourite things”

The View from Here: new day, new month, new year

The view from here is wide open

It is the first day of September and I have climbed the stairs to a perfect, golden, early-autumn morning.  The cows are back; they’ve returned overnight and are strung lazily across the valley: sturdy calves quieter now: smaller forms of their placid mothers.  Their burnished hides glisten as the sun warms them; their shadows long across the pasture.  Continue reading “The View from Here: new day, new month, new year”

The View from Here: anticipating September

Fields have been cut and now lie quietly: yellow, dusky browns and soft ochres permeate the view

Title unashamedly stolen from Nicole at An Entertaining Mess.

August has not been great.  It’s had some wonderful highlights to be sure, but it’s also had some stress and energy dips and significant upsets.  Opportunities for posting have been few: either through other commitments or through lack of brain power.  Although I have a few posts published in August, as the month draws to a close I have others as yet unwritten from July.  I’m feeling muddled: on the blog; in family relationships; in the house, the garden, the car….  I’m just one massive befuddled muddle!

It will pass.  And meanwhile, September approaches.  I love September.  Continue reading “The View from Here: anticipating September”

August in the Garden: project no. 1

bright orange California poppies with the vivid blue-purple of geranium Bill Wallis growing through

I have focused on three small projects over the summer, whilst we wait to see what the garden will reveal to us.  They each remain works in progress and have met with varying degrees of success.  This is the most successful of the three – the eastern garden. Continue reading “August in the Garden: project no. 1”