My Twenty Books of Summer


Cathy, at 746 books, is hosting another 20 Books of Summer event.  It will be my first.  There are so many reasons why I shouldn’t do this.  I don’t have a book blog (although you might be forgiven for doubting that); I already have numerous book reviews that I ought to be writing anyway (on the book blog I claim not to have) and I do have a propensity to drop out of blogging altogether for extended periods of time without warning.  So really, it’s not sensible.  But it involves lists and I love lists, especially book lists.  Which raises another reason for not joining in: I already have a list of summer reading planned.  At least, I did have.  Since Cathy announced the start of the challenge I’ve been fiddling about with the original plan.  Then other people began posting their lists which gave me ideas for how I might make my own even better and the selection changed again.  Finally I think it’s ready.   Continue reading “My Twenty Books of Summer”

Fowey Festival 2019

The debate could have gone on for much longer; there are as many versions of Daphne’s relationship with Cornwall as there are people with a story to tell.

When Ali first posted about her plans to run a Daphne du Maurier Reading Week, she mentioned that she shares her birthday with Daphne – 13th May – and also that the Fowey Festival is always timed to include that date.  Started in 1997, the festival was originally named after Daphne.  It is now called the Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature and has broadened in content although du Maurier and her work continue to be a primary focus.  It seems fitting that I end my series of Daphne posts with an account of my festival experience this year, limited though it was. Continue reading “Fowey Festival 2019”

The View from Here: Imagine ….

There is a narrative in the landscape which is universal.  It is a narrative which transcends fact and fiction, past and present, lives real and lives imagined. A narrative which speaks to the soul.

Imagine a small coastal town perched on the edge of an estuary, houses peppering the hills, streets steep and narrow.

polruan 1

This is Polruan … Continue reading “The View from Here: Imagine ….”

The Loving Spirit by Daphne du Maurier

Ali’s Daphne du Maurier reading week is well underway and I’m enjoying reading all the contributions.  I have chosen to read the first of Daphne’s novels, The Loving Spirit, one that I’ve been promising myself for a long time.  And alongside it I’ve read three other books:

Reading Daphne by Ella Westland

Jane Slade of Polruan by Helen Doe

Myself When Young by DDM Continue reading “The Loving Spirit by Daphne du Maurier”