The View from Here: silence and stars. The story begins

The view from here is inky black. If I turn off the lights the sky is spangled with stars.

Friday April 1st

It will shortly be 5 am.  I have been up since 3.30, awake since 1.00, and I am sitting here, in an empty room, in an empty house, bubbling with happiness. 

The view from here right now is inky black.  If I turn off the lights the sky is spangled with stars.  There are no sounds.  In a while I plan to watch the day dawn and wait for the first birds to arrive on our balcony.  We have already had a veritable feast of feathered guests in the few hours we were here yesterday.  The birds on the balcony will be one of the simple pleasures and great joys of living here.

But for now the birds are still abed.  Downstairs, in our empty, upside-down house, B sleeps (I hope) on the makeshift but relatively comfortable airbed.  Upstairs, Harri and I are wakeful.  I have a camping chair – better than nothing – and a packing box for a desk.  On the desk is my laptop and Harri –  cleaning a paw and sprawled contentedly.  She has yet to see the bird life just a foot from the windows.  I fear it may be torture for her!

So in this hour or so before dawn, whilst I wait for the earliest bird calls, I draft this, my first offering from our Corner of Cornwall.  Our adventure has truly begun.


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