The View from Here: sitting on the sofa

The view from here – from sitting on my sofa – is grey and green and gloomy. And I love it.

Saturday April 2nd

It is 7.15am.  I woke a couple of hours ago; I’m sitting here – on our sofa – enjoying my second cup of tea; the silence broken only by the birds on the balcony and Harricat purring.  I am ready for what feels like our first proper day in our new lives.  And I feel like I’m the luckiest person alive.


On Thursday we arrived in blazing sunshine; yesterday was overcast and cold; this morning, our first Saturday in Cornwall, is wet and grey.  The view from here – from sitting on my sofa – is grey and green and gloomy.  And I love it.  This view, in all its guises, is succour for my soul.

Almost all of our worldly goods are here now, ferried from the local village throughout yesterday and seemingly deposited everywhere.  The guys were amazing and worked tirelessly, accommodating everything we asked of them.  But we don’t yet know how we plan to use this house: there are many rooms and many options.

Those magical peaceful solitary hours before dawn broke yesterday retreated quickly in the face of the long and chaotic hours that followed. As the day toiled past, the pristine purity of empty rooms dissolved into fast-moving mania as the men came in and out, climbed up and down stairs and deposited fragments of our lives in a kaleidoscope of disarray.

By the end of the process I was too tired to say much more than, “just put it in the annex” or “anywhere will do”.  We now have bedrooms so full of stuff I can’t get more than a few steps into them; the main annex room is piled with an eclectic assortment of furniture and boxes – and we have two rooms entirely empty.  I made some good choices then, in giving instructions on where to put things!

But we had made progress.  We went from this…


                                                … to this.

And not a packing box in sight! (If only…)






Thanks to a dear friend, we even had flowers in the window!


With the men finally gone, we snapped at one another for a while: WP_20160401_009tiredness and tetchiness going hand-in-hand. But B got the tv working after a fashion; we had a sofa to sink into and we opened a
bottle of champagne.  No champagne flutes yet, but I had unearthed some large wine glasses. Champagne in large glasses is definitely the way to go!  I had champagne bubbles, bath bubbles and … bliss – somewhere to relax.  As is my way, I took a book into the bathroom with me.  It didn’t get opened.  Mostly, I dozed, with the occasional stretch for the wine glass!

And joy of joys, we had our bed back!  I slept – a deep, delicious and well-earned slumber – restoring heart, body and soul.



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