The View from Here: serenity in the rain

I could die happily here, lost in this view.

Sunday April 3rd

Another restful sleep; I’m sleeping so very well here.  Awake soon after 5, but the room was dark, the bed was warm and comfy; it was easy to stay snuggled under the duvet.  B woke early too though.  We chatted for a bit and I was up before 6.30 – ahead of our avian guests’ arrival – ready to watch the day unfold.

The view from here is wet: it’s raining hard yet I’m scarcely aware of it through the windows; each droplet is so fine.  The light is soft; the clouds are heavy; there is no wind.  The landscape carries a despondent air redolent of late autumn.  I think a lot about this view and how it will change in different seasons, in different weathers, at different times of day.  Yet the serenity is unchanging.  I could die happily here, lost in this view.

The forecast suggests the rain will pause this afternoon.  I hope we can make a foray into Lansallos then.  It’s the village officially designated in our address and we’ve yet to see it.  Our explorations will start close to home and spread from here.  But before then – boxes beckon, the unpacking continues …

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