The View from Here: Lansallos Cove

The view from here was monochrome and sparkling…

Today is allegedly to be our only day of sunshine for quite some time.  I really wanted to make use of that sunshine.  The removal guys arrived nice and early with the rest of our belongings that hadn’t fitted on the lorry last week.  The additional payment after our mistake over access was agreed amicably with smiles and handshakes all round.  I even got a hug and a kiss!

B had woken this morning suggesting lunch out today, but his enthusiasm waned and instead we went to Liskeard food shopping and came straight home.  I was a touch frustrated and disappointed: not my idea of enjoying the sunshine.  But the late afternoon sun beckoned; I pulled myself together, took a deep breath and set off on my own.  My first solo expedition!  Driving to Lansallos was straightforward; what a difference that one wrong turn had made yesterday.  And today I knew exactly where the walk started.  Easy!

Lansallos Cove 

I am so pleased that I went.  It’s a short walk – downhill all the way, following an ancient green lane running alongside a bubbling brook.  Greenery abounded.  Ferns, primroses, early bluebells – all dotted among slate and moss and lichen.  So beautiful.  A tapestry of sights, sounds and smells.  To think I have this practically on my doorstep!


It was high tide at the cove.  That didn’t stop it being a beautiful spot.


The view from here was monochrome and sparkling: dark rocks and cliffs with sea and spray catching the late afternoon rays and fracturing the light into a mosaic of molten silver.

A few minutes’ quiet reflection; camera pointed here, there and everywhere.  And then the uphill climb all the way back.


From car park to car park was less than an hour, with time spent at the cove.  The walk is only a mile but it’s more strenuous than my old beat in Mixbury.  This is a walk I shall take frequently.

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