The View from Here: moments and memories…

The view from here is full of love and promise

Saturday April 9th

This evening gave us our first real sunset.  Not a majestic, fiery, spectacular sunset, but a sunset nonetheless.  I have photos, but B has the best one which I’ve ‘borrowed’ here. sunset from Bernie 9-4-16

He took it from the balcony, standing on his own and drinking in his surroundings.  And then he came to find me and said: “I was standing on the balcony and thinking about how perfect it is here.  And I thought: ‘the only thing that could make it more perfect would be to have you standing here next to me’.”

Cesare Pavese reminds us: “We do not remember days; we remember moments.”

These are the moments I must remember; these are the moments to treasure.  This is a house to be shared and a house in which to make memories.  And this is a memory I shall hold close to my heart.  The view from here is full of love and promise.

And early the next morning, another moment to remember: I watched this sunrise…


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