The View from Here: first visitors

… up the hill behind the house and beyond – where the steep climb is rewarded by a view over the countryside that leaves you feeling you’re on top of the world

A key reason for choosing this house was to entertain.  This is quite a contrast from the quiet life we were living in Mixbury when visitors were relatively rare.  Here the plan is to have many visitors, with space to spread out and freedom for people to come and go and enjoy this lovely corner of Cornwall (as well as our company!)

Entertaining is a paradox for me.  I love to have people around that I care about; I love to see people happy and enjoy their company and make things nice for them.  But I’m also very guilty of getting pretty wound up and anxious about it all, and much as I enjoy it, I do find it very tiring.  So this will be my challenge: to embrace this new aspect of our lives without aiming for perfection; to relax and enjoy. This is an area of our lives that we envisage being very different now that we’ve made this move.  And the time had come to welcome our first visitors.

Russ and Char came for the late May Bank Holiday weekend.  The weather was kind to them; the traffic was not.  It took them 8 solid hours to get here: driving with no breaks.  Such a long trip to be staying for just two days.  And this would be the first time we and Char had met.  Plenty of potential for stress.  But all was well.  Even the strong words B and I exchanged not long before they finally arrived were set aside and only addressed some days after all visitors had left.


Russ and Char unfolded themselves from the car and stepped into bright early evening sunshine.  Charlotte arrived with a bright smile, bearing white wine and tulips and declared  the past eight hours as over and done with and firmly in the past.  The view was at its best.  The view and the house were much praised.

IMG_0471A relaxed weekend followed.  A lazy lunch at Lerryn – with ice creams again, and where I was still not able to cross the stepping stones.  A chance for them to visit Lansallos Cove on their own and explore a little of the coastal path.

And Russ got to run up the hill behind the house and beyond – where the steep climb is rewarded by a view over the countryside that leaves you feeling you’re on top of the world.

I love that view.  And he loved it too.


It was lovely to have them both here and I think they enjoyed their stay too.  Harri deigned to permit their presence and provided Char with an artistic photo op.

Char is lovely.  I hope it won’t be too long before they’re asking to visit again.  And all things considered, I didn’t get too stressed.  Though perhaps I’m not the best judge of that…


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