The View from Here: we have been shorn

As I drive along, after the farmers have performed their nightly shearing, I feel like I’m driving along a motorway

As July closes, the farmers are busy. There is relatively little arable farming here: the fields are often too steep to make it sensible.  But there’s plenty of hay to gather in.  Harvesting by day – and shearing the banks by night.

After dark the tractors leave the fields and trundle along the lanes cutting back the profusion of growth that has been overspilling and making the lanes seem like paths so narrow is the open space between them.  As I drive along them after the farmers have performed their nightly shearing, I feel like I’m driving along a motorway; the lanes are suddenly so wide!  Now we can see where the road ends and the bank begins.

Of course, we also lose the flowers.  The banks seem dry and barren.  Overnight we have slipped into late summer and it’s too early for that!  But with the holiday season upon us it is much safer to be able to see signposts clearly rather than through a profusion of tangled grasses, and with more traffic about we need as much space on the roads as possible.

Already small green shoots are appearing through the detritus, but for now the banks and verges are bare.  So here is a reminder of the abundance of flowers and herbage we have enjoyed this year.

In spring we enjoyed:

… primroses and bluebells on the banks.


Daffodils and euphorbia spilled out from green verges…


… replaced by swathes of wild garlic: ramsoms.

IMG_0357 - Copy

As spring melted softly into summer there were flowers everywhere.

The colours were beautiful….

… and blooms were abundant.


In shady quarters the greenery was lush …


… with a prehistoric feel.



But there was always colour to be found somewhere.

At the moment the lanes look dry and desiccated.  It won’t be many weeks before we begin enjoying the colours of autumn in the trees.

But I won’t look ahead.  As I write this, in mid-August, we are enjoying the most glorious, indolent weekend weather-wise with the widest of clear blue skies, and barely a murmur of breeze.  The fields begin to look dusty and faded; August is showing us her lazy, late-summer face.  I’m reminded of school holidays where days seemed long and weeks seemed endless and the sun always shone, greens faded to dusky browns and bees droned heavily.  Of course this much-welcomed break in the weather will not be with us for long but for now I shall enjoy it to the full.  I’m happy to enjoy these few weeks of late summer just as they are.


5 thoughts on “The View from Here: we have been shorn”

  1. Why does the word “shorn” always remind me of Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the sheep ( as they are too, at this time of year)!
    yes, warm days indeed- seeds scattered, shadows lengthening and a refreshing dew on the grass in the morning .August is, to me in a way, a sad month- ending Summer once the swifts have departed, but introducing that wonderfully colourful harvest time and Autumn.
    Thank you Sandra, for reminding us of the wonderful variety and freshness of earlier months- and so especially prolific in variety in south Cornwall.


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  2. Oh. those long, hot summer holidays! We’ve had mixed weather here but yesterday and today it is blisteringly hot – I’m seeking shade today. I remember holidays in Cornwall with a school friend, blissful lazy days and walks along the narrow lanes, much quieter than I suppose they are nowadays. It’s been years since I visited Cornwall – so much had changed from my school days the last time we were there and I was so disappointed with what had been done to Lands End! But St Michael’s Mount was still magical.


    1. So many of us have childhood memories of Cornish holidays, Margaret 🙂 The lanes around us are very quiet most of the time but we are seeing a lot more traffic on the roads at the moment. It’s been a while since I was at Land’s End or St Michael’s Mount – we are based in south-east Cornwall – but I felt just as you did. Land’s End saddened me. We stayed in a small hotel overlooking St Michael’s Mount and experienced the most stunning sunsets as we looked out over the sea. Beautiful. Our gorgeous weather has left us again now, sadly – as have our hordes of visitors. But it was lovely while it lasted! And I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging properly again now 🙂


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