July round-up: what we did, where we went

My monthly memo to myself

Where we went: Bodinnick, Bodmin & Wenford Railway, The Weary Friar, Truro, Boconnoc Steam Fair and the inevitable visits to Liskeard and our home villages

What we did: entertained 3 sets of visitors including one unexpected but still welcome; had a great evening meeting more neighbours; had the car fixed; had the phone line fixed; had the internet fixed – again.  Enjoyed some tennis; worked some more in the garden and waited for the builder to be able to start work on the decking.  I wrote a lot and read a lot when I could and B continued stripping down the old bike.

Who we met: 3 new sets of neighbours – lovely!

Who came to visit: final days of Tom & Amy’s visit; an unexpected and flying visit from Claire; Mum & Dad

I left Cornwall: to return with Mum & Dad, enjoying a visit to Caroline on the way and a fun evening with Tom, Amy & Russ

I’ve been walking: very little.  Sadly

In the house: nothing worth mentioning.  Oh dear …

In the garden: B cleared under and around the decking in readiness for the builder and I finally sorted the detritus around the front of the house that was deposited randomly when we arrived.  It has at least now got a sense of order to it

Birds spotted: buzzards; swallows; babies; chiffchaff or warbler: I can’t tell them apart; B’s spot of a pair of peregrines amidst the Bodinnick chimney pots

We’ve been watching: Outlander two; yet more Master Chef; the climax of The Great British Sewing Bee; Agatha Raisin, Wimbledon. And no football

I’ve finished reading: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith; Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck; Emma by Jane Austen; An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott; What’s so Special about Dickens? by Michael Rosen

I’m currently reading: Handbook of the Soul, edited by Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield; the Poetry of James Hearst; The Periodic Table by Primo Levi; Confusion by Elizabeth Jane Howard; Rainbow Valley by Lucy M Montgomery

I’m writing: just this blog but with added book reviews.  And not enough emails.  It feels like a lot, and it feels essential

I’m studying: nothing regularly

July highlights:  getting Mum & Dad here; steam and cream; playing canasta; mini heatwave; meeting more neighbours

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