The Bookish Time Travel Tag


Tracking this tag back to its source, I have  The Library Lizard to thank for setting these questions.  Time travel isn’t something I would normally associate with my choice of reading matter so I wondered if I’d have any answers to offer.  But   the lovely Jane at Beyond Eden Rock suggested I might like to have a go and it’s been a good way of focusing my thoughts, and turning those thoughts into a post – something I’m struggling with at the moment. I’ve had a thoroughly indulgent few hours pottering among my book lists and books shelves, making my choices, collating my answers and then wandering through the choices of others before me.  Thanks to Jane and The Library Lizard for such an enjoyable afternoon!

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Books, lists and challenges – 3 of my favourite things

I told myself that I would not get embroiled in the many enticing challenges that I see everywhere in the book-blogging world.  Just the initial one, I told myself, just the Classics Club.  Plus the few personal ones that I’d set for myself anyway.  Continue reading “Books, lists and challenges – 3 of my favourite things”