Ideas from the Heart

… when my heart is awake and I write from that aliveness

Either side of the inspiring talk, A Space to Write, I found myself wandering alone in Fowey through narrow streets and tentative showers.  The town was quiet, and as soon as I moved from the quayside and the tangle of small shops and cafes, it grew quieter still.  What cars there were moved slowly and softly; forced to creep along because the streets ARE very narrow.  Almost every person had a dog.  Such a lot of dogs in Fowey.  Continue reading “Ideas from the Heart”

Final Festival Talk: A Space to Write

“I am creative. I am a writer: this is what I do and this is who I am”

I went to one festival talk on my own entitled: A Space to Write.  There is a book of the same name which inspired the talk and was already known to me.  It had caught my eye in the Sunday supplements a while back and made my way onto the “books to read one day” list, but it’s too costly to buy new and doesn’t seem available as used.  Perhaps I could ask for it as a birthday or Christmas present.  Anyway: a book in which writers talk about their respective writing spaces and discuss their approach to their craft – wonderful!  And the talk was wonderful.  I loved it! Continue reading “Final Festival Talk: A Space to Write”

First Footnotes

…the feedback, when it came, was warm and positive

When we first arrived here and I started scribbling,  with tentative thoughts of turning my scribbles into a blog, A Corner of Cornwall was to be called The View from Here.  But when I actually screwed up my courage and looked into it, someone had beaten me to it and a name change was required.  Drat.  Continue reading “First Footnotes”