April in the Garden? Eventually!

Springtime is … surely the very best time to inherit a garden

I always intended to write about the garden on a monthly basis at the very least.  But the month is gathering herself to a close; a great deal has been awakening outside and I’ve yet to start recording what we arrived to and what April herself has achieved. 

We’ve had a wide variety of weather throughout the month.  I love how the weather can vary so dramatically from one day to the next, or even from one hour to the next. Springtime is perhaps the very best time in the year to enjoy these myriad mercurial changes.  It is also surely the very best time to inherit a garden.


There was little to be seen when we arrived here, which gave me the perfect opportunity to familiarize myself with the bare bones and structure of what we have, though I’m still discovering things now.  (I found the sweetest little metal cat sitting on a wall yesterday.  Not a plant but a nice thing to discover nonetheless!)

As we move towards the end of the month I have five distinct areas of garden in my mind: east, west, north and south and the immediate space around the house itself.  The latter can be further divided: the balcony, the decked area and the container gardening around the walls.  Gosh, listing it in this way makes it sounds a LOT: I’m slightly daunted now!

I need to discipline myself: to lay down some markers and absorb what we have acquired and what my earliest thoughts suggest we might do with it.  And I need to gird my loins, stop writing and thinking and planning – and get out there!

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