The View from Here: beginnings

The view from here is filled with promise

Monday: I like Mondays! Monday is the beginning of my week and I love beginnings of all kinds: great or small; humdrum, life-changing or complete one-offs.  This Monday is set to be a humdrum beginning: the regular start to a regular week by the end of which we shall have been here a month.  (A new month beckons: another beginning to come!)  But it’s impossible to tell whether this unremarkable and grey start will in fact herald what appears to be an unremarkable and quiet week.  Life can change in a heartbeat and should it not – should I find myself sitting here this time next Monday with little seemingly having changed – the interim will have been filled with joys great and small; countless everyday miracles; small acts of kindness and of love; new experiences however tiny, new things learned, new things planned and numerous small accomplishments.  However ordinary and unchanged our lives may appear from the outside looking in, life will have changed for me.  Hans Christian Anderson wrote:

The whole world is a series of miracles but we’re so used to seeing them that we call them ordinary things.”

This week – this final week of a truly spring-like, mercurial April – I plan to savour as many miracles as I can.  The view from here is filled with promise.

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