Tickets booked

Inspired by the work of its most famous authoress …


Today I booked tickets for the Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature.  I’m so excited!  This will be my first time at a festival – of any description – and our first visit to Fowey since we arrived here.  And we’ll be going several times over the course of the festival so by the end of it I think we’ll start to feel that we know the town. 


Fowey Festival is not huge, but then Fowey is not huge.  Inspired by the work of its most famous authoress, Daphne du Maurier, the festival includes walks and talks around the theme of her work, alongside a much wider range of literary speakers, workshops and walks.


There are musical events, foodie events and an art trail.  I could easily have signed up for more than twice the number of events we’ve picked but this is our first festival and I don’t want to overload either of us.  And although prices are very reasonable, it all adds up.

So, first event this Saturday: can’t wait!


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