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I am away this week – where the internet will be rationed.  (Sharp intake of breath.)  This means that finishing the run of posts that I’ve been tinkering with, which date back to a trip made in February (yes – don’t judge me) will have to wait a bit longer.  It also means that I can plug the gap with posts that I seem able to produce more quickly.  What is it about book-related memes?  I just can’t resist…

Lynne at Fictionophile began this meme.   It works like this:

1.  Spell out your blog’s name. (this is where you wish your blog’s name was shorter LOL)

2. Find a book from your TBR that begins with each letter. (Note you cannot ADD to your TBR to complete this challenge – the books must already be on your Goodread’s TBR)

3. Have fun!  

I could have stopped here because my tbr list isn’t held on Goodreads – at least, an up-to-date one isn’t.  Beside, at first sight it looked impossible.  Too many ‘C’s, too many ‘R’s and all those ‘O’s!

But I couldn’t help giving it a go and it was good fun.  Remarkably, my list of books waiting their turn has come up trumps.  Which just shows how long that list must be.

So with thanks to Lynne, here I go.



name meme a




And not a Cornish book in sight!










25 thoughts on “My Blog’s Name in Books”

  1. I have read not a single one of those – the shame! I love Tracy Chevalier and Kent Haruf though: and Neil Gaiman. So more additions to the list then. I don’t think I’ll do this challenge. Way too many Ps and especially Ns for me to worry about. And Es too.

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  2. Hehe – well done! I did this a few years back and really struggled with the Fs. And the K. And the I. And now I sound like I’m spelling out a swearword, so I shall leave now… 😉

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  3. I like how you grouped the books together to give a us a picture of what your blog name looks like in books.
    I love that cover with the black bird on it – I’ve never seen that one before.
    I’ve read Remarkable Creatures and Our Souls At Night – both recommended!

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  4. Well done! I have read Remarkable Creatures and I have the Susan Fletcher book on my TBR too. I’ve also read Avalon by Anya Seton – and the first few chapters are set in Cornwall. 😉

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  5. Sandra, I LOVED the way you grouped the books for each word. How creative!
    AND… there are two covers here that are stunning: “Red ruby heart in a cold blue sea” and “Let me tell you about a man I knew”. I guess I’ll have to go to Goodreads and check them out now…

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    1. Lynne, I may have seen this method of grouping the titles on someone else’s blog (doing your meme). So I can’t take credit for it entirely. I love the title of Red Ruby Heart…” – the rhythm resonates so strongly. Rose at Rose Reads Novels reviewed it very recently. “Let Me Tell You..” has been on my list for a while – strongly recommended by a non-blogging friend and others. Hope you take a look and they strike a chord for you!

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  6. I’m deeply dismayed that my comment was gone awol thanks to WP’s disorderly servers…. (I now discover ‘peu-à-peu’ just HOW MANY comments were lost on that day/days…. very disappointing).

    I love Barbara Vine, as I do anything by Sally Vickers (don’t think I’ve read this one mentionned – put it on my ‘watch out for it when in UK next!), and I adored Remarkable Creatures. I would very much like to know what the BEAUTIFUL one with the bird flying is – can’t make it out.

    Some of the covers would entice me to look them up when being in a bookstore…. and NO, I do NOT judge a book by its cover 😉 😉 🙂 – at all!!! However, some books are instantly left aside BECAUSE of their cover.

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    1. Kiki, you’ve explained a few things for me! I hadn’t realised there had been problems such as you describe but I had noticed strange things. Clearly all connected.

      I’ve never read any Barbara Vine so I’m keen to try this one. I’m also keen to read this Salley Vickers. I find her difficult to categorise and often I’m unsure whether I like her books or not. Yet I always want to read them! The cover that’s hard to read is ‘Fingers in the Sparkle Jar’ by Chris Packham. He’s a well-known tv presenter here on nature programmes and the book is his memoir about his life with asperger’s syndrome. It’s well reviewed.

      You made me chuckle with your comments about judging books by their covers – but you’re absolutely right. A cover will certainly put me off picking up a book (and probably missing a gem as a result). It seems that at the moment we are being treated to many beautiful covers – all of which delight and tempt me. Good thing I’m not often in a book shop these days 🙂


  7. Our Souls at Night – you’ll love it I’m sure.
    I have a couple of Tracy Chevalier’s on my TBR pile too, but they didn’t make my list. Once Upon a time in the East looks interesting….(quietly adds to list. Shhhh!)

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    1. Yes, I need to push the Haruf right up the list; it’s been waiting so long and I hear so many wonderful things about it. (Glad you added Once Upon a Time in the East. I won’t tell if you don’t … 😉 )

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