Polperro Revisited

“Can we come back here again tomorrow, Mummy?”

Yes please, I added silently.

Polperro is fast becoming a favourite haunt.  Today I saw it through a child’s eyes.

The final day of May dawned warm, bright and sunny, with a generous light breeze to keep us cool and refreshed.  Ellie tackled the narrow back roads to Polperro without complaint and reversed where necessary like a pro.  I could learn from this. Continue reading “Polperro Revisited”

The View from Here: we made it to the far side

The view from here is priceless

Evan and I went exploring in the field.  The field slopes fiercely.  It’s lumpy and bumpy.  There are – or were – no paths.  A wild wonderland for an intrepid boy with an imagination. Continue reading “The View from Here: we made it to the far side”

The View from Here: a house for making memories

The view from here is infused with love and wonder

Bathed in sunshine, we waved good-bye to Russ and Char.

Less than two later Ellie and the boys arrived.

The sun obligingly kept his hat on.

It was a quick turnaround; is this how landladies feel?  I am reminded why I’ve never been attracted to the idea of running a bed and breakfast. Continue reading “The View from Here: a house for making memories”

The View from Here: first visitors

… up the hill behind the house and beyond – where the steep climb is rewarded by a view over the countryside that leaves you feeling you’re on top of the world

A key reason for choosing this house was to entertain.  This is quite a contrast from the quiet life we were living in Mixbury when visitors were relatively rare.  Here the plan is to have many visitors, with space to spread out and freedom for people to come and go and enjoy this lovely corner of Cornwall (as well as our company!) Continue reading “The View from Here: first visitors”

Green Up

Like the trees in Larkin’s poem, we are beginning afresh.

Quite a few years ago I had a pen-friend in Saskatchewan and she used to refer to ‘green up’.  In her corner of the world there was snow for many months and then – suddenly it seemed – green up.  I often think of her and that phrase at this time of year. Continue reading “Green Up”

May in the Garden: all along the banks

Half the interest of a garden is the constant exercise of the imagination.

And so to my early plans for the garden.  Perhaps because they’re the first things one sees, but most probably because it is here that spring-time has given us the most to enjoy thus far, I find it’s the welcoming banks along the drive that have claimed my attention and imagination. Continue reading “May in the Garden: all along the banks”

Birds on the Balcony: the swallow is come!

The edges of their wings on the underside are like chequerboards…

I saw my first swallow of the year at Lerryn on April 19th.  There it was – just the one – sitting neatly on a telephone wire.  I was astonished; it seemed so early!  But a few days later they were here, at Highfield, in numbers.  Swooping and plunging, weaving intricate patterns through clear skies with swift sureness of eye and wing.  And from the balcony, I can watch them as often from above as below.  Beautiful and breath-taking grace. Continue reading “Birds on the Balcony: the swallow is come!”