Festival Talks and Festival Walks (ii)

I did worry slightly about whether discovering pleasure in a guided walk puts me even more firmly into a certain age bracket. And then I thought: so what?

One talk down: next came the guided walks.  Guided walks have never been my thing.  Communal events in general are not my thing.  But in this new chapter of life I really do want to embrace the traditions and the history of our adopted home, and to do that properly you need to participate and experience – even if only as a member of the audience.  Reading about an event is just not enough.  When I start to think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually joined a guided walk before: just the idea – and my own unfounded prejudices – have been off-putting enough.  So, walks it is.  I wondered how I would react, and how uncomfortable I’d feel, but all was well.  I found things to enjoy in both walks.

Although I did worry slightly about whether discovering pleasure in a guided walk puts me even more firmly into a certain age bracket. And then I thought: so what?  All a part of embracing this new phase of life!

IMG_0291Our first walk focused on Du Maurier haunts and inspiration within Fowey.  How could I not begin with this?  And it was fun.  I really enjoyed it.  Our guide was engaging and informed and included little asides on local flowers etc as we passed them.  We saw various sites that Daphne had incorporated into her novels; saw the one-time home of Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch – a great friend and mentor to Daphne and a famous son in his own right; and we saw her war-years home at Readymoney Cove.

And of course, we ended with a distant view of Ferryside.  IMG_0301

Overall I gained a rudimentary sense of Fowey and a much stronger sense of Daphne’s presence within the town.  I also learned about this plant: alexanders.

I want to know so much more about the wildflowers that proliferate here.  I’d never heard of alexanders, so this was a real bonus.

It was a worthwhile morning.

2 thoughts on “Festival Talks and Festival Walks (ii)”

  1. I’m not one for joining things in general but I would definitely have gone on this walk. Thanks for the photos.
    I planted alexanders last year but I don’t think it has survived the winter. I read about alexanders in one of Patrick Leigh Fermor’s travel books a few years ago, he loved them.


    1. Yes, I’m glad I went and I’m looking forward to similar walks next year.

      From what I read, alexanders are essentially a mediterranean plant, so perhaps it was a little optimistic for your part of the world. Apparently the taste is between parsley and celery. Next year I must try to pick and cook some.


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