The View from Here: The Pinnacle of my Festival Experience

I don’t know why she’s exerting such a huge influence on me here but I’m glad that she is

I could have tagged this onto either of the previous posts. But really, this small nugget of time was so special that I need it to have a post all to itself.  A seemingly tiny thing, and I don’t expect to do it justice in words, but I need to have it here. Continue reading “The View from Here: The Pinnacle of my Festival Experience”

April round-up: what we did, where we went

A bloggy thing – but one day I’ll be thankful to have this to look back on

Where we went:  Lansallos, Lerryn, Lanreath, Pelynt.  Not all of which have found their way into this month’s posts, but they’ll turn up eventually Continue reading “April round-up: what we did, where we went”

The View from Here: April’s last Hurrah

And so April gave me what must surely be her last hurrah: a pin-sharp, vibrant morning to remember

As I climbed up the stairs not long after dawn this morning I knew from the quality of the light it would be bright and frosty.  And it was – in spades!  It was a stupendous morning! Continue reading “The View from Here: April’s last Hurrah”

The View from Here: capricious April

… one thing remains constant: the weather may be mercurial but the view from here is always entrancing

As I sat here, early this morning, it hailed.  Great chunks of ice clattering down. But at least we haven’t had snow, like many parts of the country.  Although snow would have been nice now I think about it… Continue reading “The View from Here: capricious April”

Birds on the Balcony: front row seats

What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?

There’s been plenty of domestic bird activity for me to watch lately.  Spring-time is a busy period in the avian calendar.

As April reached the three-quarter point I was charmed by a pair of house sparrows, Continue reading “Birds on the Balcony: front row seats”

The View from Here: Lerryn

The view from here stretched back centuries: time meant very little.

Tuesdays have become notable since we arrived here.  On our first Tuesday I found Lansallos Cove.  On our second Tuesday Broadband found us.  And on this, our third Tuesday, we woke at dawn and B said: “Let’s go out for lunch today.”  And we did.  It was perfect. Continue reading “The View from Here: Lerryn”

The View from Here: where sheep may safely graze

The view from here is harmonious, breezeless and beautiful.

I climbed the stairs this morning to a rosy, frosty sunrise.  No mist today, and the fields had a coppery hue as the early golden sunshine bounced off the bejeweled grass.  Continue reading “The View from Here: where sheep may safely graze”

A Flying Visit (or Best Laid Plans?)

I’d managed my first trip away from Cornwall without permanent mishap.

My sons run.  I rarely watch them in shorter races but marathons are different.  So much time invested; such discipline, training and preparation; markers set for personal improvement.  That degree of effort deserves support in its own right, but also, I like watching.  The larger events are awash with atmosphere and humanity: competitors from the silent, skeletal knots of African elites, invariably leading, through to the overweight, the joggers and the walkers.  Costumed runners; joyful runners; haggard and struggling runners; hobbling, shuffling, waddling. They’re all here – and I applaud them for lining up, for having a go. Continue reading “A Flying Visit (or Best Laid Plans?)”