The View from Here: Polperro

A gaggle of higgledy houses; warm-fronted cafes; artists’ shops, novelty shops, bohemian clothes shops, ice cream shops; pubs, gulls and fishing boats.

The sun was shining; we both felt relaxed and free.  B wanted petrol for the mower; I wanted to get us registered with our local doctor.  “Let’s do both,” we said.   Continue reading “The View from Here: Polperro”

May in the Garden: the Mixbury bed

Who knows how it came to be there but it said ‘flower bed’ to me.

With the advent of better weather, I’ve been busy in the garden.  They do say to leave a garden alone for the first year and see what comes up.  I did plan to do that, but I’ve brought some plants with me and homes must be found for them, plus there are certain must-haves which were not evident here when we arrived, so they had to be bought and planted, and while I was ordering those, a few other things slipped into the basket.  One things just leads to another… Continue reading “May in the Garden: the Mixbury bed”

Birds on the Balcony: squabblers and mobsters

It does not do to get on the wrong side of a crow

Today I watched two examples of aggressive behaviour that brought home to me how little I know about even the most commonplace of our birds.  The sparrows were particularly quarrelsome this morning: Continue reading “Birds on the Balcony: squabblers and mobsters”

The View from Here: a damp, bright start to May

Looks like we may have another runner in the family!

The first day of May and it’s pouring down.  What a contrast from yesterday.  There are May Day celebrations all around here, including a very ancient traditional one in a nearby town.  Continue reading “The View from Here: a damp, bright start to May”